The colour songs

The Yellow song

(modern electro-pop with body holly-esque vocals)

Yellow the colour of clarity. You are happy, cheerful, smart and sunny. You enjoy life and find people fascinating. You are intelligent, adventurous and stimulating. You are the artist of life, a breath of fresh air. The morning sun may bob along as our ideas begin to flow The three day-week: a fit of pique, the water powered radio.


The Orange song

(old fashioned standard crooning music)

ORANGE the colour of joy. You are bubbly, social, adaptable. You enjoy good food and cooking. Expressing your creativity is important to you, you also love to rise up to a challenge. You are warm and emotional, a joy to have around.


The Red song

(marching music combined with angular blues-rock guitar and classical stabs)

Red the colour of passion. You are active, outgoing, dynamic, impulsive, a born leader. Patience is not your best trait, you love attention and you experience everything with great intensity. You are the spirit of physical life.


The Violet song

(modern ambient music combined with chamber music and church music melodies)

The colour of inspiration.
You are far-sighted, sensitive and generous.
Art in any form is important to you. You play a leading role in the community.
You have strong beliefs. You are the spirit of mercy and innovation.


The Indigo song

(production pop)

the colour of intuition. You are wise, loyal, structured, focused and efficient. You have psychic abilities.
Family life is important to you, so is your solitude.
You easily forgive.
You are the defender of people's rights.


The Blue song

(easy-going psychedelic folk-blues)

BLUE the colour of communication. You are a deep thinker, peaceful, honest, reliable and trustworthy. You give comfort with your calm energy. You are a natural healer. You are the spirit of truth and justice


The Green song

(waltzing old English pastoral music)

the colour of love. You are caring, compassionate, balanced and very practical.
You bring beauty and harmony around you.
Nature is important to you as it re-energises you.
You are the salt of the earth.