Colour Analysis

Personal Colour Analysis £65

A Personal Colour Analysis reveals in depth your talents as well as your 'tricky traits'. It offers expert guidance on how to use, for your benefit, your talents and also how to identify those of family and friends. It also provides the tools to deal with your tricky traits (and those of others) which challenge your well being.

A Personal Colour Analysis lasts one hour via Skype.

When you understand yourself and others from a colour perspective, you can positively support your relationships and lives.

What colour are you?

 1=red - the leader, the principled reformer or the abusive perfectionist
2=orange - the friend, the altruistic giver or the bitter martyr
3=yellow - the artist, the self assured motivator or the arrogant fraud
4=green - the harmoniser, the natural spiritualist or the decadent depressive 
5=blue - the communicator, the insightful observer or the paranoid recluse
6=indigo - the intuitive, the devoted loyalist or the forceful rebel 
7=violet - the innovator, the perfect idealist or the indulgent hedonist 
8=magenta - the magician, the magnanimous leader or the sadistic bully 
9=gold - the optimist, the peacemaker or the dissociated automaton 


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