Birthday Colour Portraits

£75.00 plus £5 p&p in the UK

These Portraits depict your Personality's Colours, they are custom made pictures, in best quality yarn and finely woven patterns.

In the central square appears the colour of the personality.

Underneath this central square, the four smaller squares in a row, from left to right, depict the colour of the day, the colour of the month, the colour of the year and the colour of the personality.

Each Birthday Colours Portrait© is accompanied by a condensed analysis of how the colours of the day, the month, the year and the overall colour affect our personality. By knowing the qualities of our colours we get a better insight of our strengths and our weaknesses. This understanding brings acceptance which helps to live a peaceful life and it also shows us how to reach our full potential.

Birthday Colours Portraits© make very original and extremely  popular presents for any age and for any occasion. They look great on the wall and they bring one's unique energy at home or at work!

Please send me the first name, date of birth (of the person whom the Birthday Colours Portraits© is for) and postal address to send the picture to.