Know Your Colour Personality

Book £12.50 including p&p


In this fascinating and lifechanging book we help you to discover your colour personality. This extraordinary technique reveals how your most important relationships work and how you compliment and differ from others.

The colour of your personality directly affects your achievements and challenges. By understanding yourself and others from a colour perspective, you can enhance your relationships and you life.

Easy to read chapters offer valuable clarity about your colour personality and cover

  • General traits
  • Tricky traits
  • Health and well-being
  • In the bedroom
  • In the family
  • At work
  • How to handle each colour personality
  • Helpful hints when things get tough

An archetypal illustration for each colour, by Theresa Sundt, supports an affirmation which resonates with the essence of each  colour personality.

Theresa Sundt and Alison Standish have over 35 years of joint experience as certified colour therapists; they compliment each other's interpretations of colour and provide training, seminars, art and colour readings.