About Us

“You have your brush, you have your colours, you paint paradise, then in you go!” from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazanzakis.

I am a creative and enterprising colour therapist offering consultancy, colour education and ‘Mindful Colour’ creative workshops. I work with a range of clients across the private, public and voluntary sector. I am based in Sussex and also work internationally.

I have an Art as well as Therapy background which specialises on:

  • Murals with healing colours
  • Art as a meditative expression
  • Colour and light therapy
  • Colour personality analysis
  • Colour therapy for children

I aim to build positive and genuine relationships with my clients, closely observing them to best understand how to help them through colour. An in-depth analysis of their personal colours is an invaluable tool to guide them in making clear decisions about what’s most beneficial way of being and relating towards themselves and others.

My portable and affordable Colour Therapy kit successfully rebalances our energy, therefore boosting the immune system and re-enforcing a harmonious state in body, mind and spirit. Clear and calm energy helps us to think more effectively and to feel good within.

My three books 'The Art Of Colour Therapy', 'Know Your Colour Personality' and ‘Tried And Tested Colour Therapy Treatments' bring colour awareness in a direct and thorough way, aiming to totally support anybody who wishes to understand how colour dramatically affects us.


My colour therapy products reflect the ease with which colour healing can become part of our daily hygiene. The intention is to support and release our healing side of our human nature which totally expresses us.


I have been told that my teaching is playful and yet profound, bringing positive changes about.

Interview with Theresa (appears on the 29th November 2011 issue of the Rodurago Caleidoscope Newsletter)