Colour Therapy Treatments

(NOW AVAILABLE IN FRENCH) £65 for the kit (book, lenses and torch) including p&p

Our cells generate vital energy from light. Colour and Light therapy balance and replenish this energy in a non invasive way.

Light has been proven to be actively involved in regulating different bio chemical processes in our body. Each part of the body absorbs a certain wavelength of light – i.e. the right colour for its need – and this wavelength streams down the energy channels all the way to the individual cells. We are beings of light, and regulating the information embodied in the natural energy of light addresses imbalances that we call ‘illness’ and restore the harmony which we call ‘health’.

Colour and light therapy treatments for everyday well being.
The colour therapy torch is accompanied by seven coloured lenses, and the book that describes 22 step-by-step treatments for daily ailments, from headaches to sleeping difficulties. Based on Peter Mandel’s colourpuncture approach, maps of acupressure points and colours to be applied to them safely guide you through each treatment. Because coloured light has instant effects on our energy, it takes just a few minutes to feel rebalanced and attain wellbeing.
The pocket size torch with its seven high saturation glass filters allows you to carry out healing at any time and in any place. The 22 Tried and Tested Treatments in the book can be used on adults, babies and children, with clear instructions.

How to use the lenses: push the lens gently at an angle inside the rubber front attached to the torch. Make sure that it is slightly protruding on one side, so that it is easy to remove it and replace it with another colour lens. If the lens goes too deep inside the rubber attachment, you can use a toothpick or something similar to remove it; practise for a while before you start using it for treatments.

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Alternatively you can buy the book by itself on AMAZON for £10.00