The Art of Colour

Nov 4-6 | 10.00am - 5.30pm | Grange by the Sea Isle of Wight 4-6

A super nurturing weekend away in a most beautiful environment at the IoW, with the opportunity to personally experience, hands-on, how colour works on your well being.

You will be introduced to all the tools, methods and techniques of Colour Therapy.

Saturday Morning

- A glimpse to the history of colour therapy

- Colour Breathing

- Qualities of the seven colours of the rainbow

- Chakras and pressure points for colour treatments

- Colour and clothes; which ‘season’ makes the best of our looks

Saturday Evening

- The Nine Colour Personalities

- Colour analysis of the four personality colours

- Creative colour exercises for healing

Sunday Morning

- How to use different colour therapy devices

- Exercises to open the seven chakras

- Colour co-ordination in the house

- Music and Colour


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