Skyros 2022 | The Art of Colour, Skyros, Greece

18 May- 4 June 2022 | The Art of Colour

At The Skyros Centre, Greece .

Discover the vital effect of colour on our well being and how to harness its power to enhance our daily routines. Learn what colour personality you and the people around you are, so that you can bring more harmony and joy in your relationships; it is a life changing knowledge. Enjoy being artistic while you learn new ways of capturing colour in a variety of creative ways, painting, weaving, collaging, crafting with found objects in nature, dancing; learn about the meaning of colour through history too!

Creativity is the best andidote to boredom and depression; there is no need to have any artistic experience in order to surprise yourself with your abilities to create anything you can imagine of!

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To book a course, please send a cheque payable to Theresa Sundt.
Alternatively visit and make a payment to [email protected]
(You do not need to have a Paypal account. Only a debit/credit card is needed.)