A Day of Colour and Light

Sunday 6th Feb 11am | Rottingdean, East Sussex | £15 (limited spaces)

Sunday the 6th of February, 2022, is a Day of Colour and Light in the coastal town of Rottingdean, East Sussex.
From 11am to 6pm Rottingdean Village Hall is all about COLOUR and the energy it brings.
The morning offers inspiring talks about the therapeutic side of colour and light for people AND animals.
Experiential healing vibes take over at 3pm with drumming sessions for children and adults.
The whole Colour and Light day finishes with dance music which re-energises the rest of the chakras (the first one would be full of RED energy after the drumming sessions!)

Morning presentations:

Theresa Sundt: The healing effects of polarised and LED light for our holistic well-being 

Ruth Milner: Healing animals, big and small, with Photizo Vetcare Red Light' www.danetrehealthproducts.com

Alison Standish: Know Your Colour Personalty www.thecolourministry.co.uk

Jo Baldwin Trott: Discover the right shade of colours that enhance your looks to make you feel top of the world. www.jobaldwintrott.com

Tom Morley: Drumming workshop and energising dance through the chakras https://tommorley.com

Tickets £15 (limited spaces)


Pay by PayPal on ([email protected])

There is a number of cafes and restaurants in our beautiful Rottingdean village to make your Colour and Light Day the perfect day out!

To book a course, please send a cheque payable to Theresa Sundt.
Alternatively visit www.paypal.co.uk and make a payment to [email protected]
(You do not need to have a Paypal account. Only a debit/credit card is needed.)