Skyros 2021 | weaving by the sea

9-21 August 2021 | Atsitsa Bay, Skyros, Greece

Weaving by the sea at Atsitsa Bay, Skyros Island, Greece

A lively holistic holiday right on the bay and surrounded by pine forests
Stay in rustic huts in Atsitsa's lush gardens by the sea - a natural delight
Try something new, discover hidden talents and meet a wonderful variety of interesting people


Weaving is part of the Greek folklore since ancient times; Penelope, Odysseus’ beautiful wife during her husband’s long absence after the Trojan war, had many suitors. To spare herself their importunities she insists that they wait until she has woven a shroud for Laertes, father of Odysseus. She wove during the day and unpicked her weaving during the night.

During the course “weaving by the sea” you’ll become an expert on how to thread a frame loom or a simple wooden fruit crate and on how to weave on them with a variety of yarns and other materials. Traditional Greek techniques like soumak, skoulato and woven embroidery will be introduced, as well as traditional tapestry techniques used in Aubusson and Gobelin studios to create woven pictures. 

A visit to the local Faltaiz museum where all the Greek woven techniques are found on embellished folklore garments will delight your senses and your inspiration.

A wall hanging or a little bag will be completed during the session to take home as a sunkist memory of your new skill in such a cherished Greek craft!

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